Contemporary Perspectives on Black Homeschooling

The Contemporary Perspectives on Black Homeschooling book series is curated and edited by Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES), an education research group led by Dr. Cheryl Fields-Smith and Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman. This book series showcases asset-based research that centers the lived experiences of Black home educators including the perspectives and authentic voices of all valued members of Black homeschooling communities (e.g. parents, children and youth, homeschool leadership).

Contributions to this series may focus on various formats of homeschooling from preschool through high school. Home education practices such as unschooling, self-directed learning and deschooling are considered relevant concepts under the umbrella of homeschooling as well. Featured work may also highlight experiences of Black homeschooled students transitioning to post-secondary opportunities. Ultimately, we encourage book proposals that explore the tremendous diversity that exists within the Black homeschool community (e.g. family structures, socioeconomic status, African American and Black immigrant perspectives, experiences of neurodiverse students, homeschool approaches, unschooling, Afrocentric, Pan-African). In addition, we welcome interdisciplinary research on Black homeschooling outside of the field of education.

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