The 2nd Annual Virtual BFHES Teach-In will take place Monday, July 19-23, 2021. We are accepting applications to present a workshop, moderate a panel or give a Coffee Talk which is a 15 to 20 minute inspirational and/or informative speech for Black homeschooling families. 

This teach-in is designed to gather homeschooling Black families and researchers who focus on Black families who are homeschooling. While gathering in a shared space, information is shared to empower and mobilize to engage in radical new practices that foster a collective affirmation of the power of homeschooling Black children. 

We are interested in submissions from homeschooling parents who have practices to discuss that have resulted in healthy youth development and family well-being.

We are interested in submissions from home educators who work with homeschooling families and homeschool co-ops and offer learning strategies that offer support when homeschooling children with neurodiverse needs.

We are interested in individuals who are re-imagining the idea of homeschooling and/or offer examples of ways to homeschool in a way that is not a model of traditional schooling.

We welcome submissions from researchers who are studying black homeschooling from the perspective of the homeschoolers themselves.

The topic possibiities are endless. We are eager to hear what you have in mind. Feel free to share this application with other Black homeschooling practitioners who you believe would be a benefit to our community during this teach-in.

Email us at for questions.