Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars

Setting Our Own Agenda

Our Inaugural Teach-In is July 20-24, 2020


Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars' teach-in is intended to provide space for homeschool educators and scholars to interact with each other directly and share the information that both groups have regarding the practices that best serve Black homeschooling families. There are numerous studies on the experiences of homeschooling families, but, the literature is slowly growing when it pertains to Black homeschooling families in particular. We would like to become the space that Black families who homeschool can access to learn more about the practice of homeschooling Black children.

Covid-19 has forced U.S. families into various learning-at-home modalities. Additionally, several scholars have attempted to set the tone for homeschooling in the U.S recently. However, the voices of Black homeschool families and scholars have yet to be heard in substantive ways. The purpose of this teach-in is to bring together Black home educators and homeschool researchers to set our own agenda. The teach-in will bridge gaps between academia and practitioner work related to Black homeschooling. Learn more here...



Thank you so much for your interest in our teach-in. WE SOLD OUT OF TICKETS THIS PAST WEEKEND. We are so sorry that we don't have any space available for this event, but, we encourage you to stay connected by joining our mailing list as we plan to have other events in the future. We are also considering options to broaden our capacity to re-open ticket sales. Join our mailing list by clicking the button below. Join our Facebook group by clicking here:

NOTE: In full transparency, the $5 registration cost is to pay for costs associated with paying for the website, advertising for this event and other associated costs. Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES) is fully volunteer-run and not affiliated with any corporate or institutional interests that guide the agenda and motives of this group. We are fully vested in creating a tangible space where Black homeschooling families and Black researchers focused on Black homeschooling families can convene, mobilize and share resources relevant to policy and practice.


What is a Teach-In?

"A teach-in is similar to a general educational forum on any complicated issue, usually an issue involving current political affairs. The main difference between a teach-in and a seminar is the refusal to limit the discussion to a specific time frame or a strict academic scope. Teach-ins are meant to be practical, participatory, and oriented toward action. While they include experts lecturing on their area of expertise, discussion and questions from the audience are welcome, even mid-lecture. Teach-ins were popularized during the U.S. government's involvement in Vietnam. The first teach-in, which was held overnight at the University of Michigan in March 1965, began with a discussion of the Vietnam War draft." Wikepedia



Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES) is a research and education group committed to documenting the lived experiences of Black homeschooling families. BFHES was founded by Dr. Cheryl Fields- Smith and Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman. Dr. Fields-Smith and Dr. Ali-Coleman are co-editors of the forthcoming book Homeschooling Black Children in the United States: An examination of homeschooling in practice, theory and popular culture. READ MORE...